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The Path

A European Song Line has been threaded from the fjord of Trondheim winding its way across the continent following the river Elbe upstream to its source. Initiated in 2012 by two Swedish musicians, Anders Nyberg and Peter Elmberg, the path took them 1000 km through 3 Nordic countries, 3 seasons and themes from the old pilgrims-site of Nidaros to Copenhagen. 

On the road 25 concerts, workshops and three bigger seminars on the themes of Mother Nature, Integration and Existence (MIX) were held. Through Walking, Talking and Singing the relationships with the Earth, Each Other and Heaven were explored. Body, Soul, Spirit if you like.

After arriving in Copenhagen, the energy wanted to move on – and we followed. Every summer since we have continued to walk, talk and sing a week. The last summers we have walked along the old border between East and West Germany, uniting through our small steps the West with the East and the North with the South. Next spring we will arrive in Magdeburg where you all are welcome to join in our workshops and walks!

Everyone is welcome! We do not walk for any specific cause or under banners concealing the open sky. Everyone walk for his own reason but in doing so we discover that we are all on the same path, that we are all one.



After arriving in Copenhagen we dance outside of  Stefanskirke, 9/9 2012.

What a walk it was!

Spring-summer-fall, Norway-Sweden-Denmark, Song-Walk-Talk, Environment-Integration-Existence! Our cup is overflowing of experiences, joy and gratitude! Of songs and stories, smiles and seriousness, love and communion! Hard work? Surely, that was also part of the mix but above all a flow, a divine flow of energy and good cheer, an unstoppable path wanting to extend and a fellowship that wants to grow.

But now we rest a while at the roadside and reflect on our adventures. We retell the stories and write down the songs. We talk with each other about how and where the Path will meander from here. Cause surely, all this energy will have to go somewhere. Please keep in touch with the homepage also in the future. There will be more updates and invitations, blogs and images, we’ll be looking back and looking forward. Your experiences and your longing is important to us. Please share them with us. Your song and your path is ours.




 Listen to Anders and Peter present the Path (in Swedish)!



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