The child and the horse

I love this statue. You’ll find it at the Archeological Museum in Athens. I got very moved by it when I saw it there in my youth and decades later I got this text very spontaneously and only now do I connect the two. 

Maybe there is also a connection between the statue and the text and the question I get very often: What is the purpose of the walk? Every time there is a new answer. Maybe this story is one possible answer. 

There are many others.


Greek bronzestatue from 150 B.C. that was salvaged from the sea and is now exhibited at the National Archeological Museum of Athens.  

Grekisk bronssstaty från ca 150 f Kr som bärgades ur havet och nu står på arkeologiska national-muséet i Aten.


A horse comes galloping: goppeti, goppeti, gop!
A small child sits on its back. The wind and the sun plays in the child’s blond locks, goppeti, goppeti, gop!
Such a big horse! And such a small child! 
But the horse is comfortable with the light burden on his back and the child is comfortable with the big, strong legs underneath him. Goppeti, goppeti, gop!
Where are they heading? They are not heading anywhere. They are riding for the sake of the ride, for the joy of feeling the power of the legs against the dust of the road and the play of the wind in the mane and the hair.
The child who plays like this is harnessing a big strength, the child who lives and plays in the wind of the now doubles his legs numbers and multiples their strength. Goppeti, goppeti, gop!
But shouldn’t the child have a goal, a meaning with his course, a home to return to? 
The road is the goal, the ride is the purpose and the mild rays of the sun is the child’s home. Goppeti, goppeti, gop!
Ride like so, you child, through life! Your faithful steed will always show his willingness to take you where you want although you did not know whereto when the ride started. Goppeti, goppeti, gop!
And all of a sudden your stallion unfolds his wings and lifts you high over the dust of the road and the limitations of the road-net.
In the world of the true child you will find the reality, because there you will find no limitations. 
In the world of the true child horses do fly!
Goppeti, goppeti, hop! 



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