The road to love


I have landed in Mundekulla. Another circle is coming to its completion. Here the
idea of The Path started, a walk through summer-Sweden in search of…
No, not that I haven’t been filled at times during the walk of bliss, absolutely,
but was that what we were looking for when we left?
As well, I have not felt this healthy in a long while, but surely that was not the
reason for the walk…
OK, I hope I have come to some better understanding of who I am, but there are
still quite a few rooms that are waiting to be illuminated…

A red rose, the rose of love, is carefully opening its petals, innocently,
unaware of its own beauty.
Its bloodred colour is the colour of life. Its striving for the ultimate beauty holds
all of Creations will for perfection, to complete the journey from Eden’s
lustfilled garden through the scorged landscape of the desert to the eternal land
beyond all dried rosepetals, seasons and sunrises where the face of God’s
beauty can be seen without end.
Love is the way.
Love is the goal.
Love is the source.
Love is the driving force.
Nothing else could make the rosebud open up to the light. Nothing else could make the
hardest of stone-hearts open to receive the divine warmth that can transform everything.
do not learn love. Every weft in the tapestry of the Master, however small and
insignificant, however grey, hard or seemingly lifeless, is created of a divine
love that human measurements cannot fathom or conceive. Every weft in the
tapestry is in its essence love, regardless of place, form or function in the
Love you do not learn. Love you do not earn. Love is what you are and there never
was a time you did not feel your innermost origin if only as the faintest
rose-scent hardly noticeable and yet so easily identifyable when you only took
time to rest by the side of the hard road.
is the colour of life itself – the deep red, the colour of your heart.
You are a lovechild held in the loving arms of your Creator, raised up towards the
eternal sky – elevated above all other created: Behold, the only thing greater
than yourself – that encompasses you on all sides – is the love that carries
you and follows you in the depths as well as into farthermost space, that which
is your life’s blood and fills every cell in your body with nourishment.
Love never perishes.
Love is the isness.
Love is
The lust of life.
Love is life’s lustfilled play.
The starwind’s caress against your forehead.
The springflowers scentwaves against your nose.
The ocean’s glittering swell against your retina.
The sweetness of the grape in your mouth and the jubilation, the everpresent, never
subsiding jubilation which like love itself sings in the smallest particle if we only could hear it.
Love weaves its weave, prepares its path, builds its bridges, connects everything
and everyone because love is the common denominator of all things; the biggest
in the smallest.
Name everything by its proper name and you will find your kinship with everything
created as well as with the Creator herself, because the name of everything is

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