Calendar (2012)


We arrange 5 public walking weeks where we invite people to join us. Apart from these weeks we participate on different events along “The path” . All evetns are shown below and the this page is being regulary updated as we get invited to more events along the way. The Walkingweeks (red) and the Songwalks (blue) can be booked through this website on the 15 th of feb.

The Path 2012
31/3-1/4, Song course in Rättvik: Preparing the Path

22/4, “The Path” begins, Trondheim
22-29/4, Walking week (Trondheim-Stugudal)
29/4, Concert Stugudal

26/5-2/6, Songwalk-Theme: Mother nature (Mora-Rättvik)
27/5, Consert, Mora Church
2/6, Consert, Rättvik
16/6, Choirestival, Skinnskatteberg
15-17/6, Rock for Moc, Finnåker
2-8/8, Songwalk-Theme: Integration (Motala-Ödeshög)
7/7, Consert, Heda
30/7-5/8, Songwalk-Theme:-eXistence (Mundekulla)
16-19/8, Musicfestival, Mundekulla
20-26/8, Walking week (Mundekulla-Jämshög)
1/9, Consert St.Olof
8/9, Consert och seminar, Malmö
9/9, MIX Consert, Copenhagen

Changes in programme can occur

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