MIX Consert Malmö / Copenhagen 8-9 September

Saturday September 8, 



Time: 15.00

Place: Stortorget (Big Square) Malmö

Participating artists : Anders Nyberg, Peter Elmberg, Richard Åström, Jenifer Fergusson (SA) , Zifa, Sahlene (Anna Sahlin), Papis Bodian and a Song-Ensemble plus choristers from the Path.

Admission: Free!



Time: 16.00-17.00

Place: S:t Petri church (next to Stortorget)

Participating artists:  Anders och Peter tell stories from the Path and share songs with the abovementioned singers.

Admission: Free!

Sunday September 9


Concert “The Path fulfilled”

Time: 15.00

Place: Stefanskirke,  Nørrebrogade 191, 2200 København N.

Meet former Archbishop KG Hammar, and Ifrah Hassan, Somali pedagogue as well as Pär Holmgren, well known Meteorologist and environmentalist and Staffan Lindberg, Standup-comedian, who arrive on their electric mopeds from Oslo.
Our guests represent the “MIX- theme” of The Path: Mother nature/Environment (M), Integration (I) and eXistens (X).

All of you who in different ways have been part of the Path, are welcome to join us the final stretch in the walks, the talks and the singing!

For those who want to walk: Join us on Saturday morning at 09.00 from Hjärup to Malmö. The walk is about 10 km and we plan to arrive in Malmö for lunch. You are all welcome to join. We start from ”Gamla Lundavägen”. More info will follow.

Those of you who have been part of the choir-workshops and concerts can one way or another join us in the concerts for a few songs in Malmö and Copenhagen!

Songs that is good that you know are:

”Together”, ”Hamba nathi”, ”Ayayayayay”, “Det blir ingen himmel förrän alla är där” and “Woman”.

If you dont know them or have them in your booklets from the workshops you can find them on the net: http://peaceofmusic.com/Product.aspx/Index

Love to meet you all there!















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