What is “The Path”?

“The Path” is a “song-walk” from Trondheim to Copenhagen. Walking, talking and singing we formulate the future!

When is “The Path”?

The walk takes place April 22 – September 9 2012.

Who can join?

Everyone can take part. The walk is arranged like a relay where most of the legs are taken by individual walkers. But there will also be public stretches during the course of  the walk where anyone can join and take part. Along the path a lot of public events will also be staged.

What is the purpose?

We all walk for different reasons but during the course of the walk we realize we are all on the same path! The path is a way rather than a goal, a forum big enough for the big questions of the future and small enough for the most intimate talks along the path. We experience unity in diversity, abundance in simplicity and renewal in the footsteps of tradition. A pilgrimage for modern man. You can read more about the purpose in Anders’ blog.

Who is behind it?

“The Path” is arranged by the organization “The Path”. The organization is independent and not affiliated to any political or religious body although cooperating with existing organisations like the Swedish Church, The Swedish Society for Nature Conservation (SSNC) and a number of other cultural, environmental and educational organizations. Check our partners here.

What is the background of the walk?

1994 “Sång i Dalgång” was arranged on the initiative of choir-conductor Anders Nyberg. During 24 days walk through the Swedish province of Dalarna 250 km was covered on foot and 15 concerts were staged. Similar song-walks have been made since on Gotland and Öland, in Småland and Blekinge, the last 4 years in cooperation with Peter Elmberg and Mundekulla Retreat Centre. “The Path” is a continuation and an extension of  these initiatives.

Do you have to be able to sing to join?

Everyone is able… Certain legs of the walk, The Sång & Gång-weeks, (Song & Walk) are especially suited for the experienced and keen singer, (see routes) but the singing will be a natural part of all walks and events. If you are a non-singer and want to be part of the experience we advice you to join one of our red weeks. (Gång-veckor).

How do you book?

You can book here on the homepage from mid-february 2012.

Do you have to carry a heavy backpack during the walk?

You will have to carry all your personal belongings yourself. We have a supporting car who can take parts of your luggage in need.

What is the cost?

It will cost around 3200 – 3800 Swedish Krona (SEK) a week cost and simple lodging included.

What does MIX stand for?

MIX is an acronyme for the Swedish words Miljö, Integration, eXistens which means Environment, Integration and Existence, the three themes that the Path is built on. They stand for our relationship to the Earth, Human Beings and the Divine and each one is connected to one of the “Sång & Gång-weeks”.

What is the significance of the color coding of the different legs of The Path?

We have color-coded the legs on the map: Black is for the non-public walks, made by individual walkers in The Paths network. Red is for our “Walk-weeks”, which are public and where we offer simple lodging and food. Blue is for the three “Song & Walk-weeks” on the different themes of MIX. There you are also being offered, apart from the food and lodging, courses, seminars, concerts etc along with the different themes and are especially suited for choristers.

How many weeks are public?

We are initially offering 5 bookable weeks, two red and three blue. Black weeks can later be upgraded to red depending on interest and engagement.

Can you be part of the “non-public” walks as well?

This is not anything we will encourage even if we will not attempt to sidestep the Swedish “Allemansrätt”… (The right of public access to the wilderness). The Path cannot take any responsibility whatsoever for other walkers on the black routes. We will inform later on if any of the leaders of the black, nonpublic legs, welcomes experienced fellow walkers who take full responsibility for their own food and lodging.

Can I join even if I have a disability or feeling a bit old?

On previous weeks we have had people over 80 years old… The week that contains the least walking and access to the most comfortable accommodation is the Sång & Gång – week at Mundekulla. We will stay permanently at Mundekulla and do daily excursions. Here you can choose to live in a singleroom and there are facilities if you are physically disabled.

What are we going to sing at the Sång & Gång (Song & Walk ) -weeks?  

The repertoire will reflect the theme of the week. On the first “Sång & Gång” -week (26/5 – 2/6) we will sing a lot of nature-inspired Swedish and Nordic folkmusic. On the second Sång & Gång week (2-8/7) with the theme of “Integration” we will sing songs from different parts of the world and especially from Africa. During the last Sång & Gång week (30/7-5/8) with the theme of “Existence” we will mainly sing spiritual songs from different traditions and times. A lot of the music will be taken from Peter’s and Anders’s own production of songs.

Can one rehearse the songs in advance?

Yes! We are arranging a weekend “Preparing the Path” at Stiftsgården in Rättvik where we will sing a lot of the repertoire conducted by Anders Nyberg. It is possible to come just for the Saturday, when we are concentrating on the singing, or stay over to Sunday when we sing a little more, talk about the Path and make a short walk in the beautiful surroundings. Everyone who is there for the Saturday is welcome to sing in The Path-concert on Pentecostal Day in Mora Church, May 27 at 18.00. Book directly and immediately at Stiftsgården, Rättvik; + 46 248 797817!

If you can not attend the course “Preparing the Path” at Stiftsgården in Rättvik, how can you then prepare the music?

As we will have little time for musical preparations during the “Sång & Gång-weeks” (usually just a couple of days) we recommend that you will check out the scores by yourselves in advance. A file with the scores “Songs for the Path”  will be produced by Peace of Music Publishing before the “Sång & Gång-weeks” start. You are advised to order it and bring it along to the “Sång & Gång-week”. We will notify you where, how and at what price you can order it when you have booked yourself for the week. You can also find that information here on the homepage. We also plan to put out all songs on scorx.se, a ingenious tool for rehearsing your music. There you can make your own vocal mix and listen to the songs while watching the score.

Do you have to be able to read music in order to attend?

A certain amount of choral experience and sight reading skills are desirable but not mandatory on the “Sång & Gång weeks”.

Can I who live along the Path, engage myself in any way?

The Path is like a chain where local initiatives can be like charms you can add on. If you have an idea for an event that fits into the project you can describe it and send it to us at  info@thepath.nu  You are especially welcome if you want to arrange  concerts with local choirs and artists along the way. You can choose repertoire from our file “Songs for the Path” . Peter and Anders are willing to share their presence, experiences, stories and music at the cost of a small fee.

What else will happen on the homepage?

The homepage will be developed until we start our walk and it will be used as a tool to document and follow the walk. We will use Googel Maps new feature “My tracks” to allow us in real-time show were we are on the Path. On the site we will also have the opportunity to publish pictures, share concerts, chat, sell tickets, etc. The map will be The Path’s hub and communication-center and will be launched closer to the start of the walk.

Where can I access more information?

This homepage will be developed and more and more events and details will be added. Please visit us again! If you have any questions feel free to mail  info@thepath.nu



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