What is “The Path”?

“The Path” is a “song-walk” that started in Trondheim, Norway and has now wound its way all the way to Germany. We walk, talk and sing on the road, sharing music and stories at concerts, workshops and seminars. It started in 2012 and we made it all the way to Copenhagen, after 5 months on the road, 25 concerts and three big seminars on the themes of Environment, Integration and Existence, exploring our relationships to Earth, Each Other and the Divine. Body, Soul and Spirit if you like… But we could not stop there, so every summer since we have walked on – and now we are in Saxony, Germany!

Who are we?

It was conceived by us two Swedish musicians Anders Nyberg and Peter Elmberg and we are still walking along with some other friends. But parts of the road has been covered by big groups as well. You are also welcome to join on the parts open for everyone!

When is “The Path”? 

It is an ongoing event but next public event is planned for May 21-24, 2020 along the Trave River in North Germany. A week later May 28 – 31 we plan an open walk in the area of Magdeburg, Germany. More detailed info will follow.

Who can join?

Everyone who likes to walk, talk and sing can take part!

What is the purpose?

We do not have any banners we gather under. We all walk for different reasons but during the course of the walk we realise we are all on the same path and that we have so much in common! The path is a way rather than a goal, a forum big enough for the big questions of the future and small enough for the most intimate talks along the path. We experience unity in diversity, abundance in simplicity and renewal in the footsteps of tradition. A pilgrimage for modern man.

Who is behind it?

“The Path” is arranged by the Swedish not-for-profit organisation “The Path” in cooperation with local organisations. “The Path” is an independent organisation and not affiliated to any political or religious body.

What is the background of the walk?

1994 “Sång i Dalgång” was arranged in Sweden on the initiative of choir-conductor Anders Nyberg. Similar song-walks have since been made  in cooperation with Peter Elmberg and Mundekulla Retreat Centre. “The Path” is a continuation and an extension of  these initiatives.

Where is it going?

We are as curious as anyone to find out! We have walked Elbe upstream and plan to continue doing so for the time being. We have walked along the old border between the West and the East and we feel excited to carry on uniting the Western part of the continent with the Eastern…

Who are you cooperating with?

We have cooperated with a number of different organisations, churches, environmental groups, choirs etc. We have made many new friends in Europe and are now part of exciting networks that share our aims.

Do you have to be able to sing to join?

Everyone is able to take part. If you don’t feel like singing you can contribute with your listening… On the path we have sung with everyone from wannabe singers to extremely good choirs.

How do you book?

We will inform you on these pages about the booking procedure when it opens in 2020.

Are there any costs?

Not much, depending on the local arrangers. Check out this space…

What are we going to sing at the Song Walks?  

The repertoire will reflect any special theme of the week. We like to use “home-grown” music -  songs locally produced and music taken from Peter’s and Anders’s own production of songs, but anything can appear.

Can one rehearse the songs in advance?

Possible, it varies from course to course, look at the specifics when they appear for the different events.

Do you have to be able to read music in order to attend?

A certain amount of choral experience and sight reading skills are welcomed but not mandatory on our courses.

Where can I access more information?

This homepage will be developed and more and more events and details will be added. Please visit us again! If you have any questions feel free to mail  info@thepath.nu



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