The Background of the Path

The Path has its root in the “song-walks” that started with “Sång i Dalgång” 1993 initiated by Anders Nyberg. During that walk approximately 50 people took part during 24 days and 250 km with over 15 concerts.

The last four summers Sång & Gång has started from Peter Elmbergs course-centre Mundekulla in Småland, and we have walked around there and in the neighboring provinces of Öland and Blekinge.

The concept is as simple as it is reliable; we start by getting a small repertoire together before we set out touring by foot. Along the road we give concerts in community halls, churches and out in the nature. We sleep simply on our madrasses in schools or halls, tents or hostels and we eat good food in our own utensils.

The Path has grown out of these ideas and experiences.

If  you want to read more about the history of the walk you can read here!

The history of Nidaros

Of course the Path also draws inspiration from the long history of pilgrimages to Nidaros (Trondheim).

Olav Haraldsson was a ”famous” Viking in his time who became Christian after a battle in Normandie. He also was part of a crusade to London where London Bridge was demolished. (But the song remains,”London bridge is falling down…”) He later became the King of Norway and brought Christianity to his country. King Olav became a saint after his death in 1030 and was the first and most popular saint in the nordic countires. The mighty Nidaros Dome was built in his name and during the middleages Trondheim was the third most important pilgrim-site in Europe (after Rome and Santiago). Thousands of Christians from Europe where walking through Sweden up to Trondheim.



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