mix  |miks|verb [ trans. ]

combine or put together to form one substance or mass 

MIX - the flower of the Path

MIX is the theme of the Path. MIX is about putting together to form one substance or mass. MIX is what we are about. In the smallest step on the path, as well as in our grandest vision; striving towards a humanity that seeks and sees its oneness is the ultimate goal.  

Introducing the Path I have often spoken about that while walking we have no banner to “unite” under,  literally or figuratively. And I have gotten more than one raised eye-brow in response. But the paradox is that it is the absence of banners that unites us. The unity is given, it is what we have come with, it is what we are, it is what we will become. It is the banners, the labels that divide us. That blocks the vision of our common sky. They say black or white, christian or muslim, gay or straight, greek or jew, high or low, man or woman, protestant or catholic, rich or poor, saint or sinner, left or right, right or wrong, western or eastern. You name it! We all do, naming the other and in doing so confining ourselves to cubbyholes where we loose our freedom and grandeur. 

The Path is about unlearning all that. It is about walking side by side with your brother and sister, seeing and experiencing our common origin, path and goal while letting all these preconceived labels and banners fly. It is about singing with one voice, blending in with the rest and in the process not losing yourself in the big chorus, rather gaining the strength and beauty of all voices combined. It is about walking towards a state of non-judgement on a personal level as well as walking towards a state, yes indeed a world, of banners banned and abandoned!

On our Path each of the three letters of MIX also represents something significant. The three legs of our journey; M stands for Miljö (environment in Swedish, the best translation into English in this context would probably be Mother Nature.) I stands for Integration and X stands for eXistential. Our relationship to the earth, human beings and the existential. Body, soul, spirit. Creator, Integrator, Life-giver. This Trinity defies explanation but it can be experienced on the Path as the wholeness. This is why I invite you to come along as it is something that can never be explained satisfactory on a blog. I will certainly try, and will come back to this theme many times during the course of the walk as it reveals itself. But I cannot share its essence. It has to be experienced, it has to be walked and sung!  

But MIX is not only an exciting word, it is an exciting number as well, that speaks of the same. In Latin numbers M stands for mille, 1000, and IX stands for 9, so MIX, read as a latin number, is 1009. 
1009 is a prime number, it is a natural number that cannot be divided with anything except one and itself. And its digital root, (1+0+0+9=10, 1+0=1) is also One. It is a number that speaks of unity.
The Path is about learning to count to one.
That’s what we are talking about. That’s what we are walking about. That is what gives us a reason to sing!




Står ensam på högsta punkten – allt är stilla så när som på en melankolisk rödvinge i dvärgbjörkarna. 10 dagars uppförsbacke – med studs i steget, sensitivitet i samtalet och skönhet i sången -  vänder till en 4 månaders nerförsbacke…  
I stillheten, som precis nu revs av en ripas ramsa, öppnar sig vyerna, ser man klart. Den här stunden tar jag med mig ner i dalarna…



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