About us

About us

“The Path” is arranged by the non profit organization “The Path”‘  Read more


-Anders Nyberg is a Swedish and South-African Choirleader who arranged the first songwalk in Dalarna, Sweden in 1993. During this event more than 50 people participated in 24 days of 250 km walking and 15 concerts. He has also arranged similar Songwalks on the islands outside Sweden (Gotland och Öland) and in South-Africa. Anders has toured with his vocal Ensembles “Fjedur”  and “Gondwana” in South-Africa, Europe, North and South America in the 80′s and 90′s. He has written the popular choir-piece “Himmelen Inom – Heaven within” as well as co-writing Sweden’s most successful movie ever; “As it is in heaven” which reiceved an Oscar-nomination in 2004.
Read more about Anders on www.peaceofmusic.com

Peter Elmberg är is a musician and behavior scientist who runs  Mundekulla Retreatcenter in Småland (Southern Sweden). The retreatcenter is built on a unique ecological foundation and offers courses, retreats, festivals and conference on a yearly basis. He has arranged songwalks together with Anders in Mundekulla the last four years  (2007-2011) with around 40/participants a year. Peter has written around 700 songs and has perfomed his music for the Swedish Crownprincess, Dalai Lama , Wangari Matai as well achieving several prices and awards for his way of promoting peace through music.
Read more at www.peterelmberg.se

Hiking leader:

-Sten Danielsson has worked on Vadstena Pilgrim centre where he has arranged several walks throughout Sweden, such as the PAX-walk in the footsteps of Dag Hammarskjöld from Uppsala to Backåkra during the summer of 2011. He organizes and leads the walks from Mora to Rättvik and Motala to Öninge (past Vadstena). Nowadays Sten runs a hotel in the small village of Gäddede in the province of Jämtland, where he offers activities and walks in the nature through his company “Nordic Outback”. Sten has walked the whole stretch Trondheim – Copenhagen.

Informer and administrator:

-Irene Holmström-Wiborg works on the International department of the Swedish Church and answers on general questions about “the Path”.


-Marie Redhe is in charge of the economy for our non-profit organization “The Path”.



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